Welcome to Tilde MT team blog!

Tilde has been working in a field of language technologies for many years. We started with Latvian spellchecker, electronic dictionaries, grammar checker and other useful tools. Our goal is to give small languages the same support of language technologies as there are for big languages.
We started our machine translation project several years ago. We released so called foreign language reading tool in 2005. Although it was not MT system, it used MT elements and it evolved into our first English-Latvian MT system released in 2008. That was a rule based MT system, we put a lot of effort in it and I think the result was not bad. Later we released the Latvian-Russian MT on the same platform. Now we are working also on statistical MT and we are releasing our first free online English-Latvian MT system these days. It is at your disposal now. Try it, use it and let us know your opinion. We have set up this blog to share our thoughts about MT with you and to hear your thoughts. Your thoughts are important to us.

Raivis Skadiņš,
Chief Software Architect, MT team leader