Tilde Translator Presented at Research Workshop: Machine Translation and Morphologically-rich Languages

In the end of January, Tilde machine translation system developers participated in the research workshop which was devoted to machine translation challenges working with morphology-rich languages. During the workshop, presentation was also given about the English-Latvian and English-Lithuanian machine translation systems developed by Tilde.

Many studies are made worldwide about machine translation but, unfortunately, most often they tell about problems related to translations into English. For instance, very good systems have been developed to translate from Chinese into English, from Arabic into English, etc. However, the methods that are applied to create such systems are not equally effective for translation from English into other languages because English is a morphologically very simple language. The traditional statistical methods that work well when translating into English do not work good enough, if translation is made into a language in which words are inflected or declined, where the word sequence in a sentence is relatively free, where words must be coordinated for the same gender, number or case endings.

Read more about the research workshop on: http://cl.haifa.ac.il/MT/